Frequently asked questions

What is Green Field Stone?

Green Field Stone is made with 100% recycled glass in a cementious formula.

What size do Green field Stone come in? 

60” x 120” is a stock sheet.  1.25” thick. We also do half slabs cut either vertical or horizontal.

What colors are available?

 We have 18 different colors to choose from.  Custom colors are available as well.

What can Green Field Stone be used for?

Green Field Stone durable surfaces are ideal for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, tabletops, bar tops, conference tables, window sills, and fireplace surrounds. You can use Green Field Products anywhere you would use mined stone.

Can Green Field Stone be used outdoors?

Yes. Green Field Stone is great for out doors and honing or sandblasting the product, then sealing it to create a surface texture will improve slip resistance. Green Field Products surfaces are also UV resistant so the color will not fade or change in the sunlight.

How much do Green FieldStone slabs weigh?

Each Green Field Stone slab weighs between 16-17lbs per square foot.

Are Green Field Stone surfaces durable?

Green Field Stone has a compressive strength of over 10,000 psi

How are Green Field Products durable surfaces fabricated and installed?

Green Field Stone durable surfaces are fabricated using standard stone cutting equipment. Green Field Stone provides fabrication and installation guidelines to authorized fabricators and distributors that cover the quality standards required when installing Green Field Stone surfaces. Authorized Green Field Stone fabricators must comply with these guidelines to assure the highest quality installations.

What finishes are available for Green Field Stone durable surfaces?

Green Field Stone surfaces are shipped from our factory with a high-gloss polished finish.

What edge details are available for Green Field Stone surfaces?

Green Field Products recommends using one of the following edge finishes: bullnose (half or full), ¼ round, ¼ round T&B, eased. Your fabricator will be able to show you examples of each edge finish.

Does Green Field Stone need to be sealed?

Yes. Our authorized fabricators follow a recommended sealing process. Once the product is installed, we recommend monitoring the surface. If you notice water no longer beads up on it, then it is time to re-seal and wax the surface. For commercial and residential installations we recommend that end users reseal their surface annually.

What sealants are best to use on Green Field Stone surfaces?

Green Field Products recommends using Meta Crème penetrating sealer.

How do you care and maintain your Green Field Stone surface?

Wipe up spills quickly. Clean the surface regularly with a mixture of water and stone cleaner or mild dish soap

If a Green Field Stone surface stains, can it be removed?

Yes - Green Field Products provides specific instructions in the Care & Maintenance Guide on how to remove stains.

Is Green Field Stone heat resistant?

Green Field Stone surfaces are heat resistant up to 600 degrees. We recommend using either a hot pad or a trivet to keep pots and pans off the surface. However the sealer may be adversely affected by the high temperature.

Can you cut directly on Green Field Stone surfaces?

Yes, but Green Field Stone recommends using a cutting board.

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